Company History

Elite Scientific & Diagnostic International Supplies Corp. was established back in 1995, pioneering the design and building of laboratories around the Philippines. Over the years, we have evolved into a key player in the laboratory and scientific market. We manufacture a wide variety of modular laboratory furniture, fumehood, laminar flowhood and other products related to the modern wood system. It has good resources of materials abroad like phenolic resin, acid-resistant counter top or laminated post formed counter top, doors, face drawers, cabinets, casing, shelves, and partitions with resin backing. Hence, upgrading the quality of our products but relatively competitive in price.

Elite is recognized for its expertise in offering a complete laboratory set-up with new innovations and designs of the laboratory outlook. We cater in design, lay-out and installation. We can also do complete civil works; flooring, ceiling, lighting, engineering and ducting. A team of experienced Technical Engineer is committed to provide you the highest standard of service.

In a short span of time, our projects have been executed in several institutions around the country such as Research Institutions, Hospitals, Chemical, Oil, Gas, Food and Beverages Company, Patho-Chemical Laboratories, Semiconductors, Schools and Universities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to upgrade the facilities of institutions with laboratories to achieve an international standard for laboratory system.

Our Mision

Our mission is to deliver a laboratory system beyond the standard expectation of quality, safety & satisfaction for customers.